Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lyon don't play nice

While we were all captivated yesterday by the games which British teams failed to win, a pretty stunning comeback happened. Lyon, playing at home, went down 0-2 to Fiorentina by halftime. While Arsenal struggled to make up for a cheap PK, Lyon roared back with two second half goals. It must have been a stunning comeback with lots of hard work, right?

Not so much, it would appear. Lyon's first goal came at the benefit of a Fiorentina injury. The man was down, and Lyon maintained possession and scored. While it would be despicable enough if the injury was up field, Fiorentina's injury happened in their own box. Instead of playing the ball out, Lyon used the prone player to beat an offside call and score.

There is video at The Offside. You can watch the goal and the aftermath, as Fiorentina take umbrage with Lyon's interpretation of Fair Play. If any of you could provide a translation of the Italian announcers (DONE!), that would be much appreciated.


Mike Georger said...

this day-glo kit bullshit has got to stop

Andrew said...

That's not sackah.

No rule says you must play it out, but comity usually prevails.

I second Georger.

hockalees said...

Those "Italian announcers" speak very good French... NY Kid what are they saying?!?

The NY Kid said...

HA! This is some great stuff.

The clip starts with them talking about how Lyon can get past the tough Fiorentina defense. Then when they move towards the goal, one announcer starts screaming "There is no offsides! There is no offsides!".

After the goal, when the donnybrook begins, the announcer suggests that Benzema back away since nothing good will come of it. Then he says that it was up to the ref to stop play and he let things continue, so the goal is justifiable.

The clip ends with the announcers stating that they were already in the run of play when they would have noticed the injured player, so it is perfectly normal that they continued to play.

ü75 said...

I'm a xenophobic moron. Sue me.