Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Backpasses: This is what we had to work with

As you'll see, the problem wasn't quantity, but quality.

Inter Milan want Maradona as consultant. It's only a matter of time before he and Mourinho have a slap fight. [Guardian]
Arsenal made money while losing money last year, more or less [BBC]
Aston Villa's UEFA Cup opponent don't play the game very well [The Spoiler]
Get ready for the next ex-US international player that will leave you muttering "bastard" under your breath [Soccer by Ives]

Onyewu wants out of Belgium. Cut and paste this for January [SI]
I'm guessing England's North-South divide is not quite to the same level as Italy's [Guardian]
New team pops up in Liverpool [Liverpool Echo]
No shit, Sherlock [Soccernet]
A look at shirt sponsorship deals in England [Guardian]

And, finally:
Mike Riley chosen for Chelsea-Manchester United because neither team objects. Since when are referees chosen like juries? [Daily Mail]

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Mike Georger said...

Frank Dell'Apa may not catch the irony of talking of sophistication when he is rocking John Holmes' mustache; but I do.