Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Backpasses: What else do you need?

German teams love mascots almost as much as Germans love Hasselhoff [The Best Eleven]
A glowing review of Jozy's La Liga bow [The Offside]
Does Barcelona want a MLS sister club in Miami? [Miami Herald]
French ref admits blowing a penalty call in weekend game, surrenders [Soccerway]

Football moments to be adapted into English ballet. Expected to be as great as any other English ballet [Guardian]
Mrs. Becks shows she can dress down and be a regular soccer mom [Daily Mail]
Kazakh coach gets dumped. Soccernet tries a Borat joke [Soccernet]
FSC to get Nielsen ratings. Check out those demographics [Trading Markets]

And, finally:
Italian club gets a taste of the Mourinho treatment, don't like it [Eurosport]

Confidential to The Offside Rules: We'll try.


Keith said...

Nothing from Likely on the thrashing (yes, 2-1 was still a thrashing, especially as Darren Bent's one was about as own-goal-like as a striker could score) Villa handed to Spurs?

ü75 said...

Give him time to recover from the induced overnight coma he gave himself.