Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Blog theft sucks

Don't do this. Don't EVER do this [The Original Winger]
Pavs doesn't like the English game [Daily Mail]
Totally responsible source says Arsenal linked with American 14-year-old. Well, the age is right [The Soccer Blog]
Post says Chelsea Spartak London is the new Manchester United. Today's play says Man U is the new Liverpool [Kornheiser's Cartel]

Why does he even speak? [Soccernet]
John Barnes takes first job since 2000, as Jamaica's new manager [BBC]
Sometimes I think journalists are being touchy when complaining about the athletes they cover. This time, they are in the right [Play the Game]

And, finally:
Everton signed Screech [Daily Mail]

Confidential to inky_wretch-Promise we didn't steal from you. Thanks for the link, though.


Northrider said...

Spartak London.

I lol'ed!

Wolf said...

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