Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caption Competition Winner!


Time's up! We asked you to come up with a clever and witty caption for the above picture of Nicky Bailey (Charlton) and Andy Keogh (Wolves) and you did not disappoint. But someone must win right?

Find out who, and read some of the entries, after the jump.

So we have a winner but first let's look at the best submitted offerings from our UF blog fiends.

Permanent4: The zombies in Wolverhampton seemed quite confused about where the brains were.
Precious Roy: God this game IS boring. I'm gonna take a nap on your ass. (Made me laugh aloud!)
iskoppa: Please, please don't leave me! I promise never to score again!!!!
Goat: Whilst Wolves took the 3 points, Charlton had the last laugh as Nicky Bailey administers what is know colloquially as a "stinkface" to Wolves' Andy Keogh.

But the winner is this one...
Private: Are you sure your car keys are in here?

Well done sir. Please send your guest blog to unprofessionalfoul{at}gmail{dot}{com}.

We will have another caption competition soon so stay tuned!



Goat said...

It's an honor just to have been nominated.

bergkampesdios said...

Fantastic. Thank you. If it wasn't evident from the totally lame "Private" name, I'm just starting to figure out this whole blogging thing. Embarassing. But I'll do my best to write something that at a minimum will be worth scrolling through.

Precious Roy said...

Shenanigans! I'm thinking was discriminated against because I can already blog here.

But congrats Private. Yours was totally deserving.

ΓΌ75 said...

Goat- you were docked for using "whilst". Try to use words that Bigus actually thinks exist.

iskoppa said...

Sorted, I made the short! Will try harder next time.

Goat said...

That's what I get for trying to keep it real.