Thursday, July 3, 2008

It Was in the Stars for Domenech

By now I am sure that you all know how I feel about Raymond Domenech, particularly after France's poor performance at Euro 2008. I mean, really, does this man look capable of competent management?

Nice smile, douchebag.

So what does La Federation Francaise de Football do to me?

They fucking retain Domenech as coach! Yes, he had 2 years left on his contract and it would have cost us money, but is he really the man to lead us into South Africa 2010? He completely lost control of his team during Euro 2008, and his decisions were a tactical nightmare. Yet, for some reason he retained the support of some of France's more notable (current) players, including Vieira, Ribery, Benzema, and Ben Arfa (whom Domenech didn't even take to Euro 2008!). However, Zizou had prominently called for his dismissal, supporting his old teammate Didier Deschamps for the position.

Even more stunning, the vote to keep Domenech was 18-0 (with one abstention)! What are these council members smoking? FFF president Jean-Pierre Escalettes and council members Frederic Thierrez (Ligue1 president) and Gerard Houllier (FFF technical director) all came out in a strong display of public support for Domenech, which obviously influenced the other members of the committee. So, it seems that we are stuck with Raymond the astrologer through the end of World Cup 2010.

Reached for comment, Didier Deschamps replied "Merde."


Andrew said...

A lesser man would have plucked his eyebrows.

The French continue to follow ineptitude.

chipped red nail polish said...

No. No no no. Oh god, no. I can't take this for another two years, another international competition. At first it was diverting, funny, at times even charming–at least, once Zidane decided they should win. But this Euro was embarrassing and I want so much more for Les Bleus. Domenech must have some fantastically incriminating photos. But, seriously, HOW?

Time to start praying T&T qualify. It is nice to have another football-playing set of roots. That said, I share your pain, NY Kid.

Mike Georger said...

if there is a god, england france and italy will all miss out on south africa. thus ending the era of entitlement and shitty soccer

Goat said...

NYK--You have my condolences on the death of hope for French soccer (for the next couple of years at least).

Mike Georger said...

i knew id seen this picture before

adult swim fanatics might recognize this

Andrew said...

@ Georger: Entitlements only lead to terrible football. I can't even remember the last time I watched a game involving anyone of those teams that I truly enjoyed. Not a one.

The NY Kid said...

@Andrew - if you didn't enjoy watching France vs. Spain (3-1), Brazil (1-0 on Titi's beautiful redirect), or Portugal (1-0), then you are a communist.