Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another still kinda-drunk post about today's final

So, still in the grip of two solid, sustained days of drinking, we have made it to today's final. And my Spain pick (trendy, but justified) is still there! Wunderbar.

Even though we're all losing in the UF Pick 'Em League to you commenters, we still felt like we couldn't let the Big Kahuna pass by without offering our final predictions for the final. After some back and forth and a firm grip on the definition of irony, we present a sampling of our guesswork after the jump.

If you're in the NYC area, traipse on up to the Kinsale Tavern (3rd Avenue between 93rd and 94th) to join the UF contingent and friends for a drinking binge in the back corner.

But first.... our wildest and most comical guesses!

Ian: Spain 2-1

A howler from Jens at the death dooms the Krauts.

u75: 3-1 Spain. 'Cause that's what I have in my pick'em.

Spectator: 2-1 der Germans, because I predicted Germany would win at the start of the tournament (also correctly predicted Germany v. Spain -- I am so
very talented at picking the favorites!!).

Precious Roy: Spain 2-2 (Win on PKs 5-3).

Cesc and Guiza for Espana. Klose x2 for die Germans.

Clueless of the overtime periods, some ABC producer throw switch to a WNBA game after the end of 90 minutes.

Moonshine Mike: 1-1 with spain winning 4-3 on PKs. of course Cesc nails the clincher, then falls down, twists his knee and is out for the entire Arsenal season.

The NY Kid: 1-1 after full time (Klose v. Torres). Germany wins on PK 3-2.

The Likely Lad: I picked spain 2-1 in le juge euro 2008 (don't ask), so I'm sticking with 'em!

Lingering Bursitis: My thought: 3-1 Spain.

Torres 1-0
Bastian 1-1
Xavi 2-1
late breakaway tap-in at the death to seal it from Silva 3-1

The Fan's Attic: Spain 3 (Torres x2, Silva)

Germany 2 (Ballack, Klose)

It's who I picked prior to the tournament.


Mike Georger said...

ballack is starting

im sticking with my initial retarded pick of 4-3 spain. could be on penalties but man i hope not.

Chad said...

After their respective performances in the semi-finals...

3-2 Spain. I'll second Georger in saying hopefully not on penalties.