Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Moving On

Websites give us links. We link back.

Six most disappointing player performances in the Euros []
Lehmann has plenty to say about ref, but never about his teammates [Soccernet]
German writer has surprisingly negative reaction to the Euros [Deutsche Welle]
C. Ronaldo cannot master the inflatable toy. Includes N. Gallardo wedgie pics [Daily Mail]
Some people like to watch soccer at bars. Others choose differently [Washington Post]

And finally, Euros likely to be extended to 24 teams by 2016 [Daily Mail]


Andrew said...

Lehmann whines? Negative Germans? Ronaldo unable to "mount" blow-up toy? England reliant on UEFA affirmative action to get into the Euros?

I will rest well tonight, knowing all is right with the world.

Lingering Bursitis said...

the Daily Mail really does the Lord's work.

Mike Georger said...

you all got anything planned for the transfer window post wise?

chipped red nail polish said...

Benzema the third most disappointing player? Really? Was he in someone's pool or something?

I thought he acquitted himself quite well against Italy; as well as could be managed with Domenech and the rest of the squad.