Wednesday, July 2, 2008

German Humans Not the Only Ones Sucking At Futbol

In an impressive display of national unity, a catfish decided to symbolically show its support for the German national team... by sucking.

And this being a catfish, it cost him his life.

A catfish was found dead in a Bavarian canal having choked to death on a soccer ball. The 6-and-a-half-foot-long fish was floating lifeless on the surface with a blew blue and white soccer ball lodged in it mouth.

Police first responded, "Holy shit, that's a huge fucking catfish," then settled down to release the following more prosaic statement:

"Whether the fish was caught up in soccer ball fever in the aftermath of the European championship and hence snapped at the ball can unfortunately not be determined," police said in a statement.
German humor, only slight less bad than the German National Team's recent performances in the finals of major tournaments.


Keith said...

Did you ever notice how men always leave the toilet seat up?

Dat's the joke

Bigus Dickus said...


Now that's funny!

The NY Kid said...

Don't you think 12th is a little optimistic for Spurs?

Keith said...

Depends on if they've got Dmitar or Crouchaldinho as their top striker.

The Fan's Attic said...

needs more Girls Gone Grabblin'

Mike Georger said...

move over yalta and geneva, theres a a new summit in town!

Man Utd hold Ronaldo ankle summit
what a bunch of assholes

Anonymous said...

Soccer Ball Noodling

What a fascinating syncresis.

Keith said...

That's funny, usually it's Ronldo holding his ankles for summat.

/I'll be here all week