Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Illegal Sextravaganza! (Allegedly)

Just a heads up--we may be barely posting over the long weekend. Or we may not. Either way, we promise to be at full force on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday.

Porn maven, and Birmingham City owner, David Sullivan arrested over sexual assault allegations [Birmingham Mail]
KC Wizards front office also accused of sexual indiscretions. The details sound positively pervy [Kansas City Star]

Other stuff after the jump

Thierry Henry continues to blend in with the average American [The Spoiler]
(The formerly Mighty) MJD thinks C. Ron would be great in the NFL [Shutdown Corner]
LDU-Quito win the Copa Libertadores in stunning fashion. Also scored this goal some rounds before [Guardian]
Vietnamese match-fixing ref banned for life [Vietnam News]
Blogger quickly agrees with Precious Roy that Pie should be loaned out [The Arc of Time]
Mascherano to miss start of EPL season for Olympics. Enjoy the new asthma as well, fella! [BBC]

And, finally:
The New Arsenal away kit revealed. Thanks to Goat for the tip [EPL Talk]

1 comment:

Mike Georger said...

wow interesting kit

so kewell signed with galtassaray (not even close spelling)
werent there fans the ones who killed some leeds fans when he was playing there? good move harry