Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: We're number 30!

New FIFA rankings came out today. Spain is your new number 1, and the USA is number 30. England split the difference at 15. If we get our act together, we'll address this tomorrow. [FIFA]
A good, but lengthy, look at Spain's Euro campaign and beyond [What Would Oakley Do?]
Soccer mom embezzles $75k from her son's league. Mmmmmm. Soccer mom. [Pottstown Mercury]
Gareth Barry is trying his damndest to get out of town. Did you know Birmingham is England's #2 city? Not for football, it's not [Soccernet]
German club, SC Freiburg, runs its stadium largely with solar energy and power converted from wood chips. Damn hippies [CNN]

And finally-
Tomorrow, the Scottish Football League votes on which team to add as a replacement for Gretna. Rather than bore you with my analysis, I'll just link to somewhere I would have liberally borrowed from anyway [Sporting Life]

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