Sunday, June 29, 2008

A really quick, hungover preview of today's festivities

Die Mannshaft. La Seleccion. Cooly efficient Teutonic machinery against the emotional, flamboyant, insanely skilled Spanish. And about a million other timeworn national cliches. ESPN is even bringing up the Holocaust. Yes, it can only mean the final is upon us. A quick UF preview, after the jump.

A good portion of this blog was picking the Germans before the tournament started, but 
Spain's demolition of the pesky Russians seems to have swayed opinion. Since Villa is likely not playing today, Cesc seems a lock to start in some version of a 4-5-1  4-4-1-1 (the Spanish would never resort to such ugliness as a 4-5-1! please). If Torres can convert some of his chances into goals, Spain have a really good shot today.

Meanwhile, Ballack faces a late fitness test on his injured calf. After missing the final six years ago in Tokyo, I would imagine that he plays if his leg is still attached to his knee. The general consensus is that the Germans will have to use their physical advantage and rough up the more skilled Spainiards a bit. And lets not forget that Jens is in goal for the Germans.

Your thoughts, dear readers?

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