Monday, June 9, 2008

Italy v. Netherlands Highlights

The Dutch gave a virtuoso performance of offensive football against the Italians today winning 3-0. There is sure to be much controversy (and further discussion here) regarding Ruud van Nistlerooy's opening goal. The Italians claim he was offside but the rulebook suggests (scroll down to the discussion of rule 11.11) otherwise.
Rule 11.11 reads:

11.11 DEFENDER LEGALLY OFF THE FIELD OF PLAY A defender who leaves the field during the course of play and does not immediately return must still be considered in determining where the second to last defender is for the purpose of judging which attackers are in an offside position. Such a defender is considered to be on the touchline or goal line closest to his off-field position. A defender who leaves the field with the referee's permission (and who thus requires the referee's permission to return) is not included in determining offside position.

The Italian defender was knocked down and "injured" by his own keeper on the first goal. Likely he was trying to get a stoppage of play and was slightly injured but he continued to play afterwards with no ill effects. Plus, it was really during the course of the same play. I think you would be hard-pressed to read the rule and say he should not have counted in terms of an offside ruling. But, you are free to disagree.

Despite the controversy, Netherlands were the deserving side and after the jump you can see the video of van Nistlerooy's goal and the other goals as well. They may be gone soon enough, but I think they will be easily found on Youtube.

van Nistlerooy's Goal

Sneijder Goal

van Bronckhorst Goal

Giovanni van Bronckhorst was an absolute beast in the match setting up the second goal after clearing off the line moments earlier and then sprinting up the sideline to deliver the cross to Kuyt who headed to Sneijder.


ΓΌ75 said...

Nice find on that ruling. That's good police work there, Lou.

Hudsonland said...

Except that there is no such thing as rule 11.11. What you are quoting is part of the United States Soccer Federation's Advice and Guidelines to Referees, which has no validity in a non-USSF tournament such as Euro2008.

FIFA rules (here) contain nothing specific to the van Nistelrooy/Panucci situation.

My tortured and desperate counter-argument here.