Friday, June 13, 2008

Those Blood-thirsty Poles... at it again!

With the heads of Ballack and Low still firmly affixed to their respective necks, the Polish public has refocused its bloodlust on one whistle-happy Englishman. Referee Howard Webb, the only UK native allowed on the Euro pitches this month, was the man to award Austria its last-second PK in Vienna-- and for his troubles is now subject to the unique brand that is Polish ire.

Thanks to Bigus for the imagery.

Choice quotes after the jump...

Our favorite, from Poland PM and self-proclaimed huge footy fan Donald Tusk. He was speaking to reporters remember, not his drinkin' pals.

"As the prime minister I have to be balanced and collected... But last night I was speaking very differently about the whole thing, I wanted to kill."

More Tusk:

"Referees make mistakes and this was an obvious error that harmed us all. I thought it would have been better if we had lost in the first half when Austria had their chances and not after 93 minutes due to an obvious mistake."

What did the pacifist Leo Beenhakker have to say?

"Maybe [Webb] wants to show he is a big boy and has the guts to do it, I don't know... I've never had a problem in 43 years of being in football but this is something I cannot understand."

The manager then reverts to the standard post-match bitching:

"It's impossible to accept but I am working on it."

Best of luck to all involved.

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Bigus Dickus said...

It was a penalty and Poland should count themselves lucky that their goal stood. It was offside!