Thursday, June 12, 2008

France Plays A Tune-Up Match

Titi, seen here crying about the fact that he missed the match against Romania, told coach Raymond Domenech that he needed a bit of practice in order to determine his fitness for tomorrow's match against The Netherlands. Domenech consulted his astrology charts and gave it a big "Allons-y!" Join me after the jump for the details of this hard-fought match.

This past Tuesday, as the starting XI for Les Bleus were resting after their exhausting nil-nil draw with Romania, Domenech let the "reserves" run loose. Their opponent? Nothing but the best - they faced off against an All-Star team of...Under-18 year-olds from local clubs Neuch√Ętel Xamax FC and FC Fribourg? Okay, so it wasn't exactly high-level competition, but these kids got the practice of their lives facing off against Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Patrice Evra. The youngsters even set off the action early, forcing a "world-class save" from keeper Sebastien Frey. In the other goal, Mike Piller made one-on-one saves against Titi and Bafetimbi Gomis, although he was eventually beaten for 7 straight goals. Despite the 7-0 loss, the kids seemed in high spirits to have gotten a chance to play against some of Europe's finest.

And Titi got in a little practice for tomorrow.


Mike Georger said...

i dont see how anyone could not be pulling for a dutch massacre of this team

Mike Georger said...

and off topic. but if united reported real to fifa for trying to unsettle ronaldo, liverpool should definitely report chelsea for trying to unsettle torres. if there were any justice in this world jason bourne would have killed roman long ago and ended this bullshit.

The NY Kid said...

well, considering that I'm French, I am most certainly not rooting for the Dutch

Lingering Bursitis said...

Domenech is a raging prick in a sea of rapidly-wasting talent.

We must destroy the French squad (and Domenech) in order to save it. Might I suggest it's perhaps time to find a replacement for Lilian Thuram soon, too? Anyone?

Keith said...

Word is, Mike, that Rafa's selling Torres to finance the Barry deal.

Why not just do a straight swap? I'll take that in a heartbeat. We'll even throw in an extra 10 mill, or your choice of Petrov or Reo-Coker

/supressing laughter

/can't do it


Mike Georger said...

or you know, thats why theyre selling alonso