Friday, June 13, 2008

Euro Trash Day 7: Schmoke this, Raymond

And down go the French! For the second game, the Dutch made mincemeat of their opposition. This was, after all, supposed to be the Group of Death. Hardly. The Netherlands have secured a top seed in the quarters. Italy and France.... not so good. Keep reading after the jump.

Want to know why England isn't playing at the European Cup? No passing. Want to know why the Netherlands is playing so well? Passing.

The Netherlands 4, French 1: This wasn't a fair fight. The Netherlands were supposed to be the third team behind Italy and France. Instead, they are looking to be one of the most complete, dangerous squads at the European Cup. France still has a gaping hole in its midfield where one Zizou used to occupy. Granted, France had a slow start at the 2006 European Cup, but this time around it's looking all but over.

The Dutch only managed a single goal in the first half, but the truth is that France had some furtive looks at the goal but were outmatched. For the Dutch, it was pass, pass, pass, shot on goal, pass, good tackle, pass pass. And that was before the Artist formerly known as Arjen Robben got going in the second half. Robben set up a goal by the Artist Formerly Known as Robin Van Persie in the 72nd minute and then scored one himself. A lone goal from the Artist Formerly Known as Thierry Henry was small consolation, but the Netherlands put in a fourth before it was over -- as though the outcome was ever really in doubt, and even when it was, the Van Der Sar Generator coolly in control. Now the Netherlands can relax against Romania, and France must get a win against Italy.

Romania 1, Italy 1: Speaking of Italy... Unlike the French, who were outmatched, Italy was just a little unlucky and then just a little lucky, and in the end maybe only deserved the draw. The unluck came when an Luca Toni goal was harshly called off for an offside. The luck came when Buffon made a brilliant save of a Adrian Mutu penalty with an absolutely brilliant save. [Yes, that awful sentence was intentional... Just trying to channel my inner Foudy]Italy seemed to do all they could to hand the game to Romania, with an abysmal Zambrotta backpass leading to the draw. And now, much like France, Italy will need to win their last game to even have a chance. That's the danger of the European Cup -- it can be over before your team ever really got started.

Other news
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Enjoy the games this weekend!! And yes, Julie Foudy is still useless.

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