Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oswaldo Sanchez couldn't save himself from himself

Behold, a non-Euro 2008 post!

Oswaldo Sanchez hasn't had much luck between the posts recently. Mexico was embarrassed 4-1 at the hands of Argentina, and now they face the mouth-watering prospect of having Sven Boring Eriksson at the managerial helm, in a move I still can't quite figure out. [Was Sven's tan lacking? Does he enjoy tequila? Has the Swedish krona suddenly become a weak currency?]

Adding further fuel to the depressing fire, one of Mexico's best players is off to lose his skills and waste his talents playing at White Hart Lane.

Heck, it's enough to drive a player to drink.

Or, in Oswaldo's case, to drive a player to trespass and resist arrest.

It's purely a semantic difference, right?

From the wonderful newspaper report:

Police said the arrest was made shortly before 7 a.m. in downtown Chicago, where Mexico beat Peru 4-0 the night before in a friendly at Soldier Field with Sanchez in goal. According to some reports, hotel guests complained about a loud party by players in the early hours of the morning.

“He was asked to leave the premises and he remained on the property after being repeatedly warned to leave,” officer John Mirabelli said. “When officers attempted to place him in custody, he resisted arrest.”

Christ, killjoy law enforcement officers of the world, can't a man simply unwind after morale-reviving win?

Either way, funny as it sounds, the downside is that such arrests might well affect his visa status for future travels with his team to the US, where Mexico play quite a few exhibition games and tournament qualifiers.

Such a calamity would not be a good welcome gift for Eriksson, who's still trying to put his own self-confidence back together after the public humiliation of answering to Thaksin Shinawatra.

Let's hope Sanchez regains his balance long enough to prevent future errors.

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Mike Georger said...

The Guillermo Ochoa era officially begins now