Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 7 Highlights

There was some incredible action today in the European Championships. Holland put on a graduate level course of offensive football. Words don't really do the game justice so, while it lasts, check out the game highlights below.

After the jump, check out Gigi Buffon's incredible PK save that kept Italy's advancement hopes on life support instead of having the plug pulled.

H/T The Offside

Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images


Goat said...

And he did it all while wearing a scarf. How stylish.

Mike Georger said...

not seen in this video, georger getting sick off three white russians as a result of skipping dinner, then passing out before midnight. its what the euros are all about really

Precious Roy said...

Must have been hanging with Jackie Treehorn.

The NY Kid said...

Why is it always white Russians? No one drinks Black Russians anymore. Racists!

Mike Georger said...

well brown russians tend to stab me and steal my job, and yellow russians are great but thirty minutes later youre sober and need another one

and jackie does mix a hell of a caucasian