Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Alive

"It" being Fulham(ls).

Diomansy Kamara came on as a 64th minute substitution to spark a 3 goalsplosion for Fulham and overcome a 2-0 deficit against Citeh, saving the Cottagers from certain relegation.

Leaving them in just probable relegation.

In fact at one point Saturday, had the results held, Fulham was officially relegated. That was probably when the Liverpool b-team was getting a scoring lesson from Birmingham and Fulham was being Fulham.

But then Kamara went nuts. Okay, it was just a brace, including the stoppage time winner), and Danny Murphy had to tap in a missed PK, but still Fulhamerica lives. And pro-rate that shit out. Two goals in 25 minutes. He would have had 7.2 over the full 90.

Anyway, Fluham's win is big news around here because well, we're Americans. And we love America.

Still, looking at the two remaining fixtures, it's still going to be VERY tough for Fulham to avoid the drop because Reading get to play Derby the final week of the season. And Derby is the worst team in maybe the history of the EPL (suck it, Barclay's). In fact even next week Reading might get a break as they get a Tottenham team that has clearly mailed it in (a home draw to fucking Bolton?).

Figure Fulham need at least four points and make it to 34. Three of those have to come in a win at home to Birmingham next week. Then also at least a point at Fratton Park. The good news is that Portsmouth might be resting everyone remotely skilled in advance of the FA Cup final.

They also need some help then. Again, Reading, currently on 33 points will probably get to 36 against Derby. So, the best chance of that help might be in the form of Sunderland. If Sunderland can win at Bolton next week, that would probably leave the Wanderers stuck on 33 as they finish at Chelsea, and Chelsea is still likely playing for a shot at the Prem that last week. So Bolton have no chance at Stamford Bridge.

It's a long shot. Unless you think Derby can double their win total for the season at the expense of Reading.

You just knew the Cottagers would rue all 12 of those early season 87th minute collapses. But hey, Lawrie Sanchez looked sharp on those sidelines.


Ian said...

The most ironic part is that Kamara is one of the huge busts of the Lawrie Sanchez transfer splurge. Had he actually been, you know, doing this all season, at a 7.2 goals per 90 minutes pace, then Fulham wouldn't be facing (still) likely relegation.

Precious Roy said...

Synergy with the next post up the page... Lawrie Sanchez dopplegänger is Alan Rickman.