Sunday, April 27, 2008

And Ashley Cole Looks Like That Dude From Fine Young Cannibals

So watching the end of the Villa v. Everton match on Sunday—and that was some Arsenal-esque defending in the clutch by Everton—when Marlon Harewood came on for Aston Villa.

All I can think of is, "Man, he is a deadringer for somebody..."

I'm pretty sure the teams swap goals again before I finally have my Archimedes moment and realize, "Hey, he's totally Frank Thomas' doppelgänger."

Then I think I'm being all clever and figure I've hit on a regular feature—some kind of 'separated at birth' gimmick—for UF. So I'm actually searching for a pic of Harewood when I come across this.

Then I found it links back to this.

Admiral Akbar? Really? And I don't even know who that other plastic dinosaur dude is.

No way, Harewood looks just like Frank Thomas. (or Frank Thomas). I mean they are even both big, physically menacing guys.

Anyway, there are dozens of them already up at Football365. Most of them suck total ass, but Ricardo Carvalho does look like Adam Ant in that pic. Roy Keane... eh, a little less so.

But, shit, just like every good idea, somebody has probably already had it.


ü75 said...

As an aside, I think Frank Thomas has some weird shit going on in his life that teams would prefer you don't know about. Getting dropped by the ChiSox was odd, but it happens. But, when you add getting cut by Toronto during a pretty productive start of the season, it feels like there is something odd happening with the man.

Not Troy McClure odd, but close. I'm betting (heh) on gambling.

Precious Roy said...

He's hitting only .164 with as many K's and BB's. So he's not having a good start. In fact he has always been a bit of a slow starter.

Actually Thomas and White Sox GM Kenny Williams pretty much hated each other. So, his departure from Chicago was not weird at all. Oakland got him for cheap after everyone thought he was finished. He had a great year DH'ing on a 1-year deal, then Toronto overpaid for him based on that. He had another solid year last year, but also started slow. That combined with the fact that he's not known as a great clubhouse guy, Toronto cutting him makes some sense. Of course, Oakland was only too happy to pick him back up cheap (I think Toronto is still paying him a decent chunk of change).

Sorry, didn't mean for a baseball blog to breakout.

Lingering Bursitis said...

I am pleased to announce that Harewood did make our inaugural EPL All-Ugly Team back in the gestation period for UF. So that's good. But yeah, the guy has a bullet dome and the Frank Thomas connection is legit. Bravo!

Eladio said...

I guess we all just look alike to you, eh Roy?

Precious Roy said...

By 'we' do you mean 80s musicians or dinosaurs from failed TV sitcoms?

ü75 said...

So I'm wrong about this season. I don't follow regular season baseball that closely. Each game is worth .62 percent of the final total for the season. Simply put, it's too much for me to waste attention on like when I was a kid.

You're right, Thomas was benched for lack of production this season, and the Jays weren't looking forward to the $10MM contract option kicking in if he got 376 plate appearances.

Also, he's an asshole.

Precious Roy said...

ü75: Yes, yes, and yes.