Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Two English squads to Russia, One Russian squad to England

Heh. We're "fanciable". Better than being fancy-lads [This is Extra Time]
Man City owner tells fans to stop defacing Thai flags before he has to prove he is a Thai fighter (Sorry) [The Nation (Thailand)]
Further Ronaldo fallout. Get your mind out of the gutter [Xinhuanet]
Slideshow Alert! Top 20 paid footballers [Forbes]
50,000 Englishmen set to descend on Moscow. If they get the visas worked out that is [Guardian]
Everton fan wants to know what it will take for his club to get better. Snark away in the comments [Football Fancast]
The Fan's Attic photoshops for Robert Weintraub (Not soccer, but necessary anyway)[The Fan's Attic]


Ian said...

Holy shit, Sheva makes $17 million a year?

Mike Georger said...

i mean theyre not ajax or celtic of old bad, but rangers away kit has got to be one of the worst in the game. i had no vested interest in that game today but pulled for the italians simply because they didnt look like they came out of a 1998 eurosport catalog