Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday backpasses: Put them in the bin

Short list today, Nothing after the jump. Fucking United.

Thierry Henry probably should have kept his mouth shut before the game [The Sun]
David Bentley spoke through his boots to Arsene Wenger [The Spoiler]
Spurs apparently have money to spend. First Modric, now Villa [Daily Mail]
Maybe Spurs have that money to spend because they are being sold [News of the World]
Torres promises to score two. We'll know in 17 hours if it worked [The Sun]

That's all. If you love (half of) us, then pray for a Liverpool win tomorrow.


Autoglass said...

Why do I keep coming to a blog run by Gooners and Scousers? Right, because you're as amusing in your writing as you are unsuccessful in the League.

ü75 said...

Well, if we haven't run you off yet, we'll just have to try harder, I guess.

Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price said...

Hopefully, Riise is okay after his run-in with the law over the weekend.

Heard he'd been arrested on the M62 for heading in the wrong direction.

Keith said...

Scousers, please save us from a ManUre/Chelski final. We'll make sure Blue Scouse stay out of Europe entirely next year.

a Villa fan.