Saturday, May 3, 2008

UF Weekend Hat Trick

Now is the time we pat ourselves on the back. It's the weekend, and we use that time to watch football and drink, not work. Take a look at our top three stories of the week, and pal around in the comments. See you on Monday (Tuesday if the hangovers are especially bad).

The LA Galaxy are a shoddily run football squad. How bad are they? Let Precious Roy fill you in.

The NY Kid helps out unearths an email exchange of a soul tortured by Liverpool's failure in the Champions League.

It's only four posts down, but you need to make sure to see it. This is what happens when we post about other EPL (suck it, Barclay's) squads instead of Liverpool and Arsenal. We get told to fuck off.


ü75 said...

20 minutes left. Fulham out of relegation zone, if results hold.

ü75 said...

Reading lose, Fulham up 2-0 in stoppage time.

Mike Georger said...

way to go fulham! gotta keep the americans up

huuuuge choke job by villa, wont be overtaking anyone with games like that martin

The NY Kid said...

Hey, I just posted those stolen e-mails. That wonderful advice was dished out by David Moyes.

ü75 said...


I was hoping Bolton would blow it today, but Sunderland just does not care.

Precious Roy said...

Well let's hope that Portsmouth is eyeing the FA Cup final in 2 weeks and cares even less next week than Sunderland did today.

For a team that's been stuck in the relegation zone for months, Fulham can't ask much more than to control its own fate... which it does