Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st and the football world is busy...Joking.

Well it's the 1st of April and that means that the football world has a go at trying to wind up the fans. This year we had the following:

"Bury manager Alan Knill, 43, has registered himself as a player for their
relegation run-in."
Former Southampton defender and current Bury manager Alan Knill (43) has not laced up his boots since 2001 when he retired a Rotherham player.

So, you would have to have been a real plum to have believed this one. Also Bury currently look very safe, sitting 14th in League Two just FIFTEEN points about the drop.

April fool rating: Must do better!

It appears that Bury are not the only team bored on April fools day.

Luton Town's website ran this:

"Harry the Hatter, the Luton Town mascot has been kidnapped on his way to avroutine visit! Unbeknown to those around him, Harry was cunningly kidnapped without a sound made. Harry was on his way to Debenhams"
Surely Luton Town has more pressing priorities. They are 11 points from safety and have just had to put ALL of their players on the market.

Luton are offering 100 quid for Harry's safe return. They better offer more than that, knowing Luton he is probably being raped in the back of a mark 2 ford Cortina.

April fool rating: Just stupid. Everyone knows Harry shops at Tesco's.

Hartlepool FC claimed that they were changing their kit from blue and white to black and white hoops for their centenary. Of course black and white hoops is what rivals Doncaster Rovers run out wearing on a Saturday.

April fool Rating: Not bad. Did you know what they wore 100 years ago?

Burnley announced a ground share with rivals Blackburn so they can redevelop Turf Moor.

April fool rating: Like Burnley, pathetic! This one is actually believable, if you have ever been to Turf Moor you will know it needs more than a facelift! It's a right shit hole!

Port Vale announced a new 35 million-quid stadium across the road from Vale park.

April fool rating: I can just see all of the Vale fans excited at the thought of Robbie Williams (Vales biggest celeb fan) digging deep to help Vale give Stoke a run for their money. Not bad! Look at Milton Keynes and Doncaster!

And finally my favorite.......

"Lincoln City are proposing to switch the kick-offs of matches from Saturday at 1500 to Monday at 1000, to reduce their carbon footprint. "
April fool rating: Funnily enough maybe they should tap into the Monday morning church tea crowd. Only 3,000 showed up for their last home match. The best of the bunch as it is actually quite funny.

I'm off to quit my job and join the circus.


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