Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You Might As Well Go Down In Flames

I have always wanted to be a professional soccer player. I love the sport and I would love to get paid to play a boy's game, but alas I am more Willy Henry than Thierry. Given the opportunity though, I am not sure I would play the sport for money in South America. A chaos seems to envelope the sport down there, regardless of the level. I don't know what causes the chaos, but the fact that it exists would frighten me as a player and perhaps place me on edge.

Much like Gustavo Semino.

In a recent match between Semino's Chile Primera Division squad Huachipato and La Serna, Gustavo let the chaos reign and was arrested for it.

The incident happened after the Argentine defender was sent off for a pushing a ball boy who delayed returning the ball.

As Semino walked to the dressing room, the fan ran onto the pitch to insult him and Semino responded by punching him. One report said the fan had a tooth knocked out.

To add insult to arrest, Huachipato lost 2-1.

Video after the jump.

It looks like Semino may have punched out Huachipato's only fan.

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