Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ronaldinho Now Going Door to Door

Remember Ronaldinho? The guy who was the hot shit in all of soccer before Kaka and Messi came and took his mojo? Well, he's back! He might only be the fourth-choice forward at Nou Camp, but he's #1 in the eyes of the folks at Amway Corporation, who signed up Ronnie to endorse Nutrilite, its non-FDA approved nutritional supplement brand.

You can watch his new commercial, which looks suspiciously like the old Nike Freestyle spot, except without the Afrika Bambaata-scored beats, Savion Glover's choreography or, you know, the general awesomeness that comes from not being affiliated with Amway.

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Pravin - Executive Search Practice said...

Who so ever has made this nonsence comments. Check your status in the society how successful you are. 60-70% people know Ronaldhino as a great athlete. Dont try to spread negativity.