Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bigus Tripus, part 2

Well, the lads are still going strong, and it's the full Day #1 of the odyssey. They're up, and on their way to Coventry...

10 am. Packimo is feeling a little fragile today. He has discovered a new-found love for bitter. Especially Director's. I too had to bust out the neurofen [Ed Note: Advil]. It was that last Cobra at the Rupa Tandoori that did it! The rupa is my favourite restaurant anywhere in the world and if you are ever in soho then pop up brewer street and give it a go.

There were lively discussions at the table over the Premiership's 39th game. Split decision.

Packimo was also impressed with our trains. He is now going back to NY to demand 40 miles in 23 mins from the MTA.

Packimo is a Spurs fans but he was highly impressed by the Emirates stadium as the train rumbled by... in fact he was so enamoured he forgot to spit.

10:35. Just introduced packimo to the scotch egg.

Note: Bring some back.

- Bigus.

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