Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hell Hath no fury like a media-savvy Portuguese manager scorned

Revenge is the biggest driving force in the world today. Call me cynical, but it's surely true. Look at what George Bush does with world politics, or John J. Rambo. Fuck, look at any movie Charles Bronson ever did. He was always on the hunt for some punks who'd fucked with his family.

When you're jilted or left at the altar or double-crossed, it's the sweet dream of payback that keeps you waking up in the morning.

Jose Mourinho knows that pain, and he wants to kill Chelsea FC.

I would love to see him try.

Jose knows the media game, and he's probably been waiting to say this until after Chelsea's recent, perhaps inevitable, pasting of aging Greek side Olympiacos CFP last night. With a lot of disappointing Italian sides and Spanish sides exiting the competition [AC Milan, Real Madrid, Sevilla] recently, he's certainly going to have a lot to job offers to choose from, especially after the Italian press went with the imaginative "AC Milan: The End" headlines following the San Siro loss.

Regardless, Mourinho went on the record saying that he is desperate to knock them out of the Champions League next year and to kill them at Stamford Bridge.

Quoth The Special One:

"I hope to play them next season in the Champions League. If I play them in the Champions League, I want to go there and kill them - that's my message."
It's poetry, it really is.

This is what slow news days are good for [well, there's slow and then there's slow-but-with-Google-Blog-Alerts-not-arriving-daily slow]. Talk shit on each other, make cryptic comments regarding the future, then depart.

Mourinho is the king of slow news days.

[Also, AC Milan wants to re-sign Shevchenko, and Barnsley has beaten Chelsea in the FA Cup before. Ha.]


Bigus Dickus said...

I keeeeeel you!

The Hundley said...

That guy is a character. Definitely makes up for the boring (yet successful) play on the pitch.