Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Champions League Roundup

Yesterday, 4 return legs of the Champions League Round of 16 were played with Arsenal advancing over AC Milan (2-0 agg), Barcelona advancing past Celtic (4-2 agg), Manchester United triumphing over Lyon (2-1 agg) and Fenerbahce defeating Sevilla (5-5 on PKs). All the matches were closely contested affairs with some spectacular goals.

Note: This post was supposed to have video highlights but the UEFA Gestapo appear to have laid claim to all Youtube highlights. I will attempt to embed some other clips from another source but if they don't work this is why.

I watched the Arsenal match and it was amazing display of cowardice on the part of Milan who played not to lose and in all respects was severely outplayed. Although, despite Arsenal's dominance it was beginning to look like the Arsenal of old--dominating but unable to put the game away.

However, Cesc Fabregas decided to show reappear in the second half after a two month sabbatical with a moment of resplendent talent [accompanied with a bit of good fortune] to score the match-winner. Adebayor did what he could not during the first leg, namely finish a perfect Theo Walcott cross.

Barcelona advanced with a 1-0 victory in the second leg with a Xavi goal. I didn't see the match nor did I hear anything great about it. But, the big news was that Messi suffered his fourth leg muscular injury in three years.

Man U managed to win its record 10th straight CL home match, although it was not the team's best showing. Ronaldo netted his 30th goal of the season to send ManU on to the quarters. I wasn't able to locate a clip of the match that wasn't disabled, but the match sounded really boring so maybe it wasn't worth it.

Perhaps the most exciting match of the day was the Fenerbahce-Sevilla match. Fenerbache led tie 3-2 coming into the match but Sevilla quickly took the initiative with two impressive goals in the first 10 minutes. Alves scored for Sevilla on 35-yard set piece shot that was stunning and Seydou Keita doubled the score with a spectacular run of play shot from a similar distance, although the keeper was at fault on both shots.

Fenerbahce pulled one goal back but Sevilla went into the half with a 3-1 lead and the ability to put the match away. Fenerbahce, however, pulled the aggregate even in the second period and the match remained scoreless the rest of day. In PKs, the Fenerbahce keeper managed to redeem himself by stopping 3 Sevilla shots and allowing the Turks to move on.


Ian said...

Whoever gets drawn to face Fenerbache in the next round better not take the boys from Istanbul lightly.

Lingering Bursitis said...

I hope it's arsenal.

The NY Kid said...

That's not nice, james.

Lingering Bursitis said...

You should know better by now, NY Kid. We've been on this blog together how long??


Ian said...

actually, I do hope its Arsenal. Then the inevitable all-English tie will be Manure vs. Chelski. And just for you james, Liverpool can play PortoSchalke.