Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mess With the Bull, Get The Horns

In Italy recently, a referee was sent into hiding after thugs beat up somebody who looked like him. Mauro Bergonzi awarded two controversial penalties against Juventus in a defeat to Napoli in October.

"A dangerous incident happened. A group of people encircled someone they thought was a referee, they tried to abduct him and continually punch him. The only thing was he just looked like the referee," Cesare Gussoni told Friday's La Repubblica newspaper.

"He was a bank manager, poor thing, and he managed to reveal this at the end to save himself from more blows. On the advice of the police, the referee was forced to live under protection and went to another province for two weeks."
Juventus, remember, was one of the clubs caught up in the Serie A match fixing scandal and as a result was relegated to Serie B. The lesson here folks, is don't try and fix a match against the match fixers. They have the hired muscle on their side.

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