Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bigus Tripus, part 3

First full match report up, as they're filing on the way home from the most dismal, dreary part of the Midlands.

So Bigus, how did things go?

Coventry 1, Norwich 0.

Well that was well worth flying 3500 miles for.

If it was not for David Marshall, we would have lost by 4.

Let's start with the first 15 mins. Roeder started with a 5-man midfield who had no idea how to execute that formation, producing nothing but confusion. We couldn't keep the ball for more than ten seconds.

Juan Velasco was skinned twice and the alarm bells were ringing. He then showed Jay Tabb inside, creating a free shot, and that was one-nil. Off came Velasco to cap an outing to forget.

Will we see him again? Let's hope not.

He is not a patch on Otsemobor.

Roeder immediately realized the mistake he had made and changed to a 4-4-2, bringing on Cureton for Camara to keep Dublin company up front. He had been very lonely.

Pearce had replaced Velasco after 20, and Doherty moved to right-back. We were still awful and couldn't produce anything but long hoofs and wayward passes.

The Referee was one P. Taylor and his performance was woeful. He could not get the whistle out of his mouth and stopped the game about 15 times for no good reason. The game had absolutely no flow.

We started the second half a little better and looked as if we were going to get going.... then it happened. A second yellow for Doherty and we were down to ten. He should have gone in the first half as he performed his usual pull-down routine when beaten at the edge of the box.

This time, however, a nothing incident gave Taylor the chance to open his little book once again. Russell argued with him and tempers were up. Taylor had it in for Russell from then on and found a weak excuse to produce a second yellow to him not long after. Nine men.

The game was over. Cureton had a good effort saved at the death but judas between their sticks saved well. It would have been a stolen point and undeserved, but I'd have taken it.

At the end of the day we were crap in the first but the referee ruined any potential for a good second.

The Ricoh is a very nice place to see a game. Its a shame that most people in coventry disagree.

Attendance: 18,000... 3,500 to 4,000 were from Norwich.

Chant of the day: Your ground's too big for you.

- Bigus.

Packimo: not impressed with his first meat pie at an English ground

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