Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to get in trouble in Greece

Apparently, it's not difficult. And no, it has nothing to do with wearing AEK Athens colors in Olympiakos territory, either.

No, this is a spin-off of the classic tale "Boys Behaving Badly on Holiday", although when you see all the pictures, you might wonder what all the fuss what about.

A group of 17 current and former players for Hanham Athletic and Hanham's Sunday League team went on holiday to the island of Crete, and as is customary with team vacations, they brought some dress-up gear to be worn humiliatingly around town while hopping from watering hole to watering hole.

Long story short, they were arrested, but not for being drunk and disorderly...

the locals have decided enough is enough, however, and the footballers were arrested and accused of causing offence to the Catholic Church with their outfits.
Good way to kick off your holiday, isn't it?

The group were released by the judge once the case was brought to court, but not before they spent some time getting acquainted with the local, ahem, facilities:
(Club Secretary Mick) Underhill, 59, said he and his team-mates, aged 18 to 65, were marched into a courtroom in the Crete capital of Heraklion yesterday morning still dressed in the risque garb after spending 40 grueling hours in a 'cramped' and 'disgusting' prison cell.

Speaking from a bar in Malia, now a free man, Mr Underhill said: 'The last 48 hours have just been unbelievable. It's no doubt something we will never forget.

'The prison facilities were horrendous. You wouldn't let the dog use the toilets in there. There was graffiti all over the walls. We were all squeezed into one cell with eight concrete beds - and we had to buy food if we wanted to eat.'
Can't be much worse than the toilets at Southend, can it?

So, lesson learned. Don't stuff your 65-year-old body into a spandex nun's costume on one of the largest Greek islands. It's still better than what they do at Manchester United holiday parties.


David said...

Wait haven't the Greek Orthodox been offending the Catholics for the last thousand ears or so?

And a side note, as someone whose spent significant time in that part of the world (Cyprus), seeing all the middle ages Brits and Greeks in a speedo/topless is far more offensive then some spandex nun outfits.

Ibracadabra said...

The footballers may have caused offense to the Catholic Church with their outfits, but Alex Gaydamak caused offense to the whole nation of Israel by selling his club to an Arab.

Religion and sports. So smooth. Like Bombay and Tonics. Just beautiful.