Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog Bites Man

In maybe the least surprising news of the day, a Mancunian was stabbed in Rome.

There is a history of violence between AS Roma fans and United fans as two years ago, Roma's Ultras took to knife wielding to welcome their English opponents in the Champions League quarters. And given how that affair played out, they are probably still none to pleased with their visitors.

After Roma's 7-1 defeat by Manchester United two years ago, police fear some of Roma's hardline supporters, known as Ultras, may have linked up with Barça's ultra-nationalist Boixos Nois to take on the Reds' hooligan fringe, known as the Men in Black.
Of course Roma fans also went Stabby McKnife on an Arsenal fan in this year's Champions League round of 16. So maybe Roma fans just like stabbing people.


Ibracadabra said...

what's the difference between jam and jelly?

Roma fans don't jelly their knives into United fans' thighs.

Sarah said...

Well the Romans do have a long history of knifing people.

Et tu, Brute?