Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey, This Is What Our Weekend Looked Like

That bloody mess on the ground is WAG and qualified nail technician—and who says WAGs don't have any real world skills—Danielle Lloyd.

Lloyd got in fight in a place called Crystal where she was thrown on a table of glasses and bottles. As a result of the altercation, Lloyd needed an emergency procedure for a "deep laceration on her left calf." The rest of the photos are pretty brutal.

And if anyone can explain why, on leaving the hospital, both O'Hara and Lloyd are clad in sweats from a small northeastern liberal arts college, please enlighten us.

Anyway, a PR flack for the woman sleeping her way through Spurs' roster described the events thusly:

Danielle had been socialising with six friends, including her boyfriend Jamie O'Hara, when the unprovoked attack occurred at around 2.30am. Danielle was thrown on to a table of drinks by two females.
Unprovoked. Yeah. Right.

This is the second row for Lloyd in about a month as she was punched in the face by friends of O'Hara's ex. She looks kind of fakish, so maybe people do mistake her for a punching bag.

We're making a little light if only because it seems as if Lloyd is going to be okay, but she was kind of fucked up by the whole thing as her doctor noted: “She is very lucky that the major blood vessels and arteries were not involved, otherwise she would have been left permanently paralysed.”

Oops, Lloyd probably ought to lay low for a bit if she wants to avoid more unprovoked monthly attacks and keep her legs (and face) intact.


iloveryebread said...

Franklin and Marshall is a UK clothing brand as well.

Precious Roy said...

Thanks for the clarification on that iloveryebread. Clearly, I had no idea .

epiblast said...

Is that the Abercombie & Bitch of the UK then?

iloveryebread said...

Pretty much, epiblast. When I moved to the UK from the US, I kept seeing people wearing those hoodies and my friends had to tell me it wasn't the college...

Sarah said...

I see them around everywhere too. A group of us actually asked some guy who was wearing a hoodie like that if he went to F&M, and he had no idea what we were talking about.