Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: I don't see it

Nando's been busy. Got married. Signed a contract extension [Sky Sports]
Beckham does not care who he endorses, he is using an iPhone, dammit [Daily Mail]
Videos of the Barcelona victory parade. The last one features a drunken (and cursing?) Messi [Barcaloco]

For you Twitterers--MLS and other US soccer players on Twitter [The Best Eleven]
First: There is a "Singapore Beckham". Second: He's back [Soccernet]
France unveils their Braille shirt. Is it ust me, or are those dots not raised? [World Cup Blog]

The latent homoeroticism of football commentators revealed [Who Ate All The Pies?]

1 comment:

Mike Georger said...

Why is half of Sam Waterson's head unveiling whatever that Braille thing is supposed to be?

Good lord how can anyone support that nation. Would you see England doing something like that? No, because most English people are, in fact, illiterate.