Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: This does not get old

Tough day for my friend Thomas. He's a Man U AND Blackhawks fan. Sometimes, sports are no fun.

That mystery American who bought into Sunderland is taking full control of the club [Eurosport]
And it looks like he is bringing in Steve Bruce [Guardian]
Trouble in Norway. Mascot punches player in face [Off The Post]

Umm, this is Cisse and Eduardo bad. African player gets leg broken in excruciating detail. Avoid if you are squeamish [Total Pro Sports]
Frank Lampard dresses up to meet a princess [Kickette]
To be fair, Eugenie was wearing these [GTTF]
More trouble in Portland. How long until the team is pulled? [MFUSA]

If the first paragraph doesn't sell you, maybe the rest will. NBC really did not want you to watch the CL final [NBCSports]


EbullientFatalist said...

Fulham in Europa League! Hodgson for MP!

I'm late for this, yes I know.

Mr. Aggro said...

that NBC article has a glaring error.

"played a major part in United’s winning its first Champions League title since the 1988-89 season"

1998-99 season

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

Actually, that does get old.

But if somebody could put together all the clips of him crying, like that one, him after missing the penalty last year in Moscow, and him whimpering like a little bitch yesterday, it'd never get old.