Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Give Cubs' Fans Any Ideas

Famed Brazilian club Fluminense are experiencing a bit of a rough patch. Currently 12th in the table, they have but one win in the start to the admittedly young 2009 Brasileirao. They were knocked out of the Brazilian Cup by Corinthians. And then got pasted 4-1 by Santos over the weekend.

So fans reacted in the only reasonable manner possible. They attacked the team at practice.

About 30 fans of Brazilian club Fluminense entered the training grounds yesterday to protest, confronting some of the players for their disappointing results in recent matches.
Fluminense midfielder Diguinho started arguing with one of the interlopers and the fan responded by punching him in the stomach. Security guards then arrived and fired two shots into the air to break up the fracas. Yeah, shots. Good thinking.

Man, American sports are so tame. Ron Artest goes into the crowd after a fan throws a drink at him and the entire league goes into crisis mode like the apocalypse in neigh. Fans attack a team in Brazil, that's called "Tuesday."

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