Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Fraggin' A

English guys like to frag each other when they get together [Dirty Tackle]
Jimmy Conrad continues to rule the internet [Off The Post]
Top moments of the EPL season that was [Pies]

American in Rome mistaken for soccer fan, stabbed. Tifosi apparently unaware that Americans don't like soccer [Newsday]
Jonas brother playing with fire. Last week he wore an Argentine shirt, now this [The Beautiful Game]
A twist on robbing player's houses while on European duty. Giggsy's mom's house was invaded for a drug party [The Spoiler]
Scholes to break ankles and coach at Stoke next season? [Daily Mail]

Clueless American watching a game and writing it up is now a meme. Milhouse, however, is not a meme [Upper Deck]


Teeknuts said...

Wow, I was not expecting a 4chan reference there. Nice work.

Steve said...

I would love to see Scholes play regularly in the Prem again. He's always been my favorite Man U player and I hope he continues, even if it's at Stoke.