Thursday, October 30, 2008

No coach please coach!

Sheffield Wednesday players have been asked to dig deep for the trip to Crystal Palace this weekend, a sure sign that the credit crunch is taking effect outside of the Premier League.

Wednesday's players didn't fancy the 4 hour trip down the M1 by coach this weekend so they requested that the squad take the train to Laaaaandan instead. 'Sure' said Wednesday bosses, if you each pay thirty quid. Now, thirty smackers is nothing for a professional footballer but Wednesday's unwillingness to spend 480 pounds on train fare for it's first team to get to Laaaandon 2 hours earlier is a sure sign that the Yorkshire club is in a monetery muddle.

Wednesday are currently in limbo after Geoff Sheard's takeover hit the buffers yesterday. I am sure today's news of their travel trouble will not be welcomed by the club who made a statement last night claiming that they were actively seeking investment. The Owls have dropped to 18th in the Coca Cola Championship after a bright start which included victory over their cross-town rivals Sheffield United.



Andrew said...

Hooo will buy Wednesday?

UF, you may now revoke my commenting rights.

Bigus Dickus said...

If they change their name to 'Friday' to coincide with pay day they would be ok.