Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Happy birthday, fatty

Diego Maradona turned 48 today. Guess it's only fitting that he shares the day with Devil's Night.

Speaking of Diego, a former Napoli chairman says that Maradona pretty much coached the team for years [ANSA]
Some insight on how, and with whom, Maradona may run things [Soccernet]
Ugh. Another day, another soccer coach story [Press-Enterprise]

And, finally:
Mike Georger dug this up and sent it in. Soccernet's targeted ad system may need a little tweaking.

1 comment:

Mike Georger said...

not the first time 'happy birthday fatty' and 'mike georger' have appeared in the same blog post.

ive got a feeling that immediately after that picture was taken a shockwave of blubber rippled back towards his pelvis. ugh.