Monday, October 27, 2008

If Your Blog Alias Is 'Wandering Bear' Do Not Read This Post

Or if you are a Liverpool fan in general, you might want to avoid the jump. Really, because, even though it might seem like I'm piling on, I'm not. That's why I'm giving you fair warning.

You're a Red and you're on Cloud 9? Great. Stay there, because after the jump you'll be no better than Cloud 8. I'm not kiddding. Stop. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Anyone else who wants to see something mildly amusing. Click away.

So after Arsenal nearly shat the bed yet again—and yes, they've only lost twice this season, but it was to Hull and Fulham and they also gave up early soft goals against Bolton and Everton to cut out their work—on Saturday against the Hammers, I went perusing the Web of World Wideness to read about the match. I came across a wire service account—who exactly it was, I don't know as it's uncredited, but they feed Soccernet, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail, ITV Sport, and a host of other places—with this opening paragraph:

Arsenal capitalised on a poor weekend for title rivals Chelsea and Manchester United to secure maximum points from a hard-fought 2-0 win at West Ham.

Ouch. Liverpool's win at Stamford Bridge was barely two hours cold and some poor stringer didn't think they were a title contender even though they were, you know, on top of the table.


Mike Georger said...

my best wandering bear story

when i was in undergrad a bear wandered onto campus and busted into the basketball stadium by breaking through a glass door. instead of going back out through the hole, he broke out another door to get out.

bet you expected an angrier reply didnt you? well theres quite the dichotomy between my mood at the start of a two hour class compared to the end of it

Sarah said...

A couple of summers ago when I worked at a summer camp a bear came onto our porch and destroyed our trash can in the middle of the night. My thirteen year old campers were scared shitless by the noise...I slept through it. I'm such a good counselor.

And hey, losing to Hull isn't so bad these days. Fulham on the other hand...

Precious Roy said...

Wasn't Wigan like 2nd or 3rd this late in the season after they came up in '05-'06?

I really like Hull hanging around, but I think by season's end they other of the Big 3 are going to each pull at least 4 points off Hull. So while it looks less like a fluke now, it's going to be 1 point down the hole.

I have no bear story. They scare me.

Graceland said...

I'm a Reds fan who never made into the clouds, so I continued reading.

Why should Arsenal consider Liverpool a title threat? What has Liverpool proven over the previous seasons? Granted, we are off to a tremendous start and have finally taken points from Chelsea and ManU, but it's the weak opponents that I'm worried about.
29 fixtures to go by my count, and I'll be nervous for every one of them. If we can drop 2 points to Stoke, we can drop points to anyone.