Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

When did British fans get so uptight? I can only imagine how much they would cry as away fans at a KU football game.
Wayne Rooney makes Everton fans cry by kissing his Manchester United badge [Soccernet]
Celtic fans continue to get wound up by a "Famine Song" [BBC]

Anyway, other stuff below.

Ljungberg to Seattle. Book it. Done [Soccernet]
Sucks to be a female Colombian U-17 selection [Oregon Live]

MLS three-fer:
ESPN hates MLS [Soccer America]
Greg Lalas writes as Beckham's jilted bride. "No, it's okay. He's an ass. I hope he goes. Good Riddance. Don't show your face around here anymore! *breaks into sobs*" [SI]
Greg Lalas on MLS positions within the EPL (SI,B!) []

And, finally:
If you haven't seen it, go check out Kieran Richardson's goal against Newcastle. Then come back and let us know what expletives flew out of your mouth when you watched it [101 Great Goals]


Mike Georger said...

im treading dangerously close to 'all black people look alike' territory on this one, but looking at kieran's photo on wikipedia i only thought one thing...

thats little richie from family matters

Mosher said...

I may be biased (I'm a Newcastle fan) but Richardson doesn't have to score before I start hurling expletives at him.

phil said...

Holy screaming eagle shit.

This gem from the Ronney badge-kiss piece:
''The way the referee was behaving, I feared he might be sent off - for no reason, of course, just the way the crowd were reacting in getting him booked.''
out of SAF is just priceless. Other than a few ill-timed challenges, and some general asshattery, there was no reason at all. Nope. I wonder if Fergie believes even half the pandering bullshit that issues from his mouth.

Keith said...

That was a laser beam, but I'll take Sidwell's curler from open play in the closing moments:

(obv., it's the 4th goal)

Keith said...

let's try that again

Scotty Hockey said...

Yay Ljungberg! I can see myself donning a puke green XBox jersey, can't you?