Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Devilock!

What better band to link to tonight than Misfits in all of their live/messed up glory? Okay, Samhain maybe, but I never got into them.

Speaking of horror shows, apparently it was quite the scene in the Arsenal locker room on Wednesday night [The Sun]
Which led Adebayor to wish aloud that he had left over the summer, because he's not getting any silverware in North London [BBC]
A possible reason that Becks is going to Milan? His endorsement income is way down, and he may be looking to pick it back up [SI]

MLS Rumors lets us know that the people behind Miami's MLS bid have a site up [MLS Rumors]
The website itself. Odd integration of Florida International onto the page, though, gives me pause. Is this legit? [Miami FCB]

And, finally:
The Big Lead, great guys that they are, seem to not have our site bookmarked. Compare and contrast.


Mike Georger said...

tyduffy thinks that gerrard is retarded. thus, the big lead sucks.

and i totally should have gotten credit for that post over there too. dicks.

The Fan's Attic said...

Barca has already signed a deal with FIU to play games there if they get an MLS club in Mee-ami.