Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Goal From Yesterday

Lest we get too caught up in an awful Spurs team managing a draw from their hated rivals Arsenal and Arsenal's awful showing on defense, I offer to you fair readers the best goal from yesterday. And, no, it's not David Bentley's.

While some are calling it one of the greatest goals in recent Premiership history, I would have respond to any such claims with a resounding no. Bentley's goal was fun and unusual, but it was a result of luck and of course some skill but it was certainly not the best goal of year or even the week. I would give that honor to Kieran Richardson over the weekend.

Now the best goal of yesterday didn't happen in the EPL, so follow me after the jump to see the epitome of a great goal...

It occurred Ligue 1 Nantes v. Olympique Marseille off the talented left foot of Nantes player Remy Mareval.

Now that's class. Unstoppable class.

Hat tip to Goat, I believe, for the link.


Mike Georger said...

i believe a certain molemaninthemorning is due the tip on this one

Mike Georger said...

i KNEW id seen one just like this before
agger against west ham last year

The Fan's Attic said...

alright...i thought goat was moleman in the morning.

apparently, though, Underground BTO hit this up in his Ligue 1 mid-week revue yesterday. i missed it because he didn't draw a picture.

my apologies.

Mike Georger said...

lack of logic, vehemently anti arsenal and pro liverpool, that just screams georger.

i only saw the goal because someone mentioned it in the comments over at ives' so i figured id give it a look. id say its worthy of its own post, just an absurd goal.

jjf3 said...

the last time I saw something like that, my reaction to the person who was with me was "two words - holy" to which they matched my "shit".

That one's a "holy fuck"...

Andrew said...

I just spent the past two hours waiting in line to vote in Florida. I was cold, aggravated, and surrounded by people who thought Sarah Palin was the Virgin Mary. Not a good day.

Then, I caught that goal and smiled. That may very well be the goal of the season.

Also, I haven't been able to see the Bentley strike yet. Links, anyone?

The NY Kid said...

@Andrew - Bentley? Never heard of him.


The NY Kid said...

Alright, alright.

Here it is