Saturday, November 1, 2008

Question of the Day

After a devastating draw to rivals Tottenham midweek, Arsenal shat the proverbial bed today against Stoke City 2-1. Arsene sat Van Persie and Walcott and had a listless display in the first half. The second half wasn't much better after the first 10 minutes. Stoke City did what every lower tier Premiership club does to Arsenal--tackle hard and intimidate the fancy lads.

Arsene tried to inject some life into the game bringing on Walcott, who should have started, and Van Persie. It didn't work. Then Van Persie, against form, wasn't injured but received the boot after a stupid tackle on the keeper.

Arsene appears to have lost the ability to corral his young and talented squad properly. If the Gunners fail to qualify for Champions League play next year, is Arsene's job at risk?


Adam said...

This is where the fact that Arsene didn't buy anyone in central midfield is going to bite him in the ass. We needed a Gilberto/Flamini type to help control the game and provide a little something extra to the defense, but we didn't and now we're paying for it.

The chances that we fall out of the CL are slim, but I'd have to say Arsene's gone if we do.

Anonymous said...

If they miss it, I don't know about 'will', but I certainly don't think he 'should'.

Mike Georger said...

he should walk away after the season and forcefully take over les blues clues

Andrew said...

I hate saying a team has "too much talent to fail" but with Arsenal, there's too much talent to fail. They're still amongst the class of Europe; they'll get into the Big Cup next year. Even if they don't, Arsene is safe.

Still, I'm damn disappointed with this result. We've now dropped a combined 10 points against the likes of Fulham, Hull, Stoke, and those petulant Yids. We should be at the top of the table with 28/29 points. Still, like has been said before, the ball is round and the game lasts 90 minutes. All else is theory.

Daniel said...

freaking unacceptable