Monday, August 11, 2008

This Just In: Galaxy Goners

It appears that despite his bluster and bravado, Alexi Lalas' team, the LA Galaxy, just weren't good enough.

Hot off the UF teletype, Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas and team manager Ruud Gullit are shuffling off to the unemployment office.

Ruud Gullit has resigned as coach of the slumping Los Angeles Galaxy for
personal reasons, and president/general manager Alexi Lalas also is out of a
job, a source familiar with the situation says.

The Galaxy may have been good enough for the EPL (Suck it, Barclay's), but it just wasn't good enough for MLS.

Former US National Team and Galaxy stalwart Cobi Jones will be the interim manager.


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The Fan's Attic said...

is ü75 in Beijing?

ü75 said...

No. I've just been getting into the Olympic spirit by chain-smoking unfiltereds since the Opening Ceremonies.

Keith said...

Cobi's first move as manager will be to put the Galaxy into a faded denim change kit