Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: The suspense is over

Well, I thought someone was going to write this up today, but sometimes real life money-making jobs get in the way. Anyway, Steven Gerrard has royally pissed off his neighbors by building a huge gym in his backyard. There are pics here and here [Yahoo!]
In Europe, Villa won, and Citeh lost, as did Queen of the South [Eurosport]
USA Women take on Canada overnight. Even if the result is the same as the men's, I don't think we'll have the same on-site hand-wringing [NBC Olympics]

Other stuff on down

Landycakes wants to test the waters in Europe again. Must really enjoy the coming back afterwards []
Barca may want Berbs [The Press Association]

And, finally:
NBC is calling the Olympics from Studio 8H, home of SNL. Article includes some 'Celo bitching. "As a former player, . . ." [NY Times]

Just found out some super-secret wonderfulness (for us).
Reveal tomorrow.

It's tomorrow now. That's right. Our own Precious Roy is the new Deadspin Closer on all things soccer. Except he uses "futbol".


Mike Georger said...

so youre saying that my thoery that this was the third time soccernet had broken the story that berbatov was sealing a deal to united and that it probably wasnt true was correct? SHOCKING THEY WOULD FUCK THIS UP

i regret not vocalizing my belief that rooney would play their first game, as i think it happens, but i never believed any of the virus stuff. united seem to love saying people are not going to play then have them play. belicheck style

Mike Georger said...

"Sir Alex Ferguson says Wayne Rooney is fit for Manchester United's Premiership opener against Newcastle"