Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Love for Moyes?

Frustrating a Scot has never been the hardest of things to do. David Moyes? He looks as if he would throw a wobbly at the drop of a hat so it's no surprise that Mr Moyes is throwing his toys around over the breakdown of the proposed loan move for CSKA Moscow's Brazilian forward Vagner Love.

Love was supposed to move to Everton, initially on a loan, with the fee of 2.5 million mentioned. It appears that Love's agents have misled Everton and CSKA have not agreed to the move. Maybe the alarms should have been ringing earlier as it seems like a bit of a bargain to nab a Brazilian international who is only 24 for a 2.5 mil loan fee. That for a player who has found the net 46 times in 93 appearances. Love has also played 21 times for his country bagging 4 goals.

Everton are desperate for a striker after letting Olympic diving champion Andrew Johnson leave for Fulham and with one week left until they start their attack on fourth place, it appears that putting all their eggs in Love's basket was a tad naive!

Being shafted by agents is common place in football these days. Mr ten-percents make their money by stirring the pot, telling lies, leaking get-out clauses to rival teams and doing just about anything they can think of to manufacture a move for their client.

Everton will now likely turn their attention to Alan Smith in order to make him their first signing this off-season.

Staying with Love, apparently he is not shy about sharing his 'Love' with anyone who has the stomach for it. A leaked video featuring Love and Brazilian porn star Pamela Butt has appeared on the web. Love doesn't seem bothered about it...

Love:Four goals in 21 games for Brazil.

'Hey, I'm known for being amorous, let's be honest: this reputation isn't one that unsettles me - Vagner Love.

Butt Love: Sorry!....Vagner and Pam pose for a picture.

I bet that's one video that Moyes avoided when doing his summer signing homework.

- Bigus.


Mike Georger said...

"Everton will now likely turn their attention to Alan Smith for their first signing this off-season"

oh good god let this happen
keith must be shitting his pants in pure excitement at overtaking fourth right now

The Likely Lad said...

Shock... An agent for a Brazilian player on a Russian team wasn't dealing in good faith. Never! Next thing you know the Russian army will invade Georgia in a well-choreographed ploy to cut off oil supplies from Asia to the West, at the same time delivering a message to other former Soviet states that flirtations with NATO are a no-no. Such silliness.

The NY Kid said...

@Likely - don't be such a conspiracy nut. The Russians would never make it to Atlanta.

Lingering Bursitis said...

fight for fourth... very cute.

Everton will be fighting for 10th thanks to their wafer-thin squad

Keith said...

Because Plessis and Lucas have so much Premiership experience. Numbers don't always equal depth

/Homerism of a different squad with 24 or so players listed

Lingering Bursitis said...

Yawn Keith, but you did make a good effort to push the "wind-up" button.

Lucas is 21. Plessis is 20. Worry about how you're going to induce some miracle of competence from Steve Sidwell

Keith said...

Well, LB, considering that Sids kept a team up mostly by himself, I'm not too worried about his competence. And given our depth in midfield now that we're keeping Barry (who's unsettled everywhere but between the lines of the pitch), if it's a worry, it's not our chief worry.

BTW; way to give Liege an opening to crash you out of Champs.

strong like bull smart like tractor said...

Sidwell is also Marcus Hahneman? Who knew?

Mike Georger said...

"Because Plessis and Lucas have so much Premiership experience. Numbers don't always equal depth "

ask arsenal's title hopes from last year how they feel about plessis' lack of experience

Mike Georger said...

and as for lucas, ask everton how they feel about him, specifically cuntfaced neville and his incredible goalkeeping abilities

Keith said...

ooooh; Lucas beat a fullback playing keeper.

Mike Georger said...

well he didnt beat him, neville knocked it out of the air when it was going in. but no, lucas came on when the captain was struggling and won them one of their biggest away games of the year. im not quite sure what depth means in your eyes, but someone doing that on one of their first meaningful appearances to me shows something that they can be used for depth