Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Backpasses: I like to use "meh" a lot up here

Note to self: Build son up, catch eye of famous coach, get son injured in match, collect huge payout [Soccernet]
Oh, Lehmann lied last month. Now retired from international matches [Soccer 365]
Because we've been remiss, possible WAG hierarchy fight to start in Liverpool [Daily Mail]

More stuff on down

Marc Overmars resurfaces at oddly named Dutch club [Soccernet]
Blackburn not keen on New Zealand's qualifying hopes in Olympics [Soccerway]
Jimmy Conrad is a pretty funny fella [Soccernet]

And, finally:
Landycakes is having an online chat tomorrow. You can even send in questions early [The Offside Rules]

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Mike Georger said...

tuesday is shaping up to be a stellar one for me, with the city meltdown continuing and stories of a darren bent national team appearance on the way, its lolfest2008 in georgerland today