Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turkey Has Nothing To Do With This Post But I Suddenly Want To Travel There

If there is anything naked people like, it's pulling riding a train.

Austria's national railway announced last week that it will offer free rides to the first 2,008 men and women who sign up to get in the buck for a photo by Spencer Tunick.

Tunick is the guy who takes pictures of naked people. Really, that's it. That's his schtick. Naked people at the UN, naked people in a field before a Phish concert, naked people at a theater in Bruges. Yep if there is a place, then Tunick will photograph people naked at or in it.

That's the kind of genius that's only rivaled by pissing on a crucifix. But hell, it's nudity. And at least a couple of those chicks are likely to be cute.

The shoot is to take place May 11 at Ernst Happel Stadium, where the Euro 2008 final is scheduled to be held. Unfortunately UEFA screwed the only good joke—"Hey, it's the only way any Austrians will see the pitch at that stadium"—by scheduling every one of the home side's matches at the Vienna venue.

That's a pretty sweet travel schedule, although it probably won't help a team so bad that its own countrymen wanted them kicked out of the tournament.

But thanks to the merciful folks at UEFA 2,008 Austrians will get their chance to be part of art or soccer history. If nothing else it gives people a nice cocktail conversation piece. "Dude, I so hooked up with these two chicks last week."

"Big deal, I was part of a train with 2,007 other nekkid people."

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